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Irmo Chapin Recreation Commission John Cantey Park Director new manager of old Rawls Creak Golf Course land Office Seven Oaks Park  200 Leisure Lane Columbia, SC 29210 office phone 803-213-1195

Annual Meeting Tuesday February 27, 2018 at 7 - 8:30 PM signing in and payment of dues ($30 per year) will start at 6:30 PM.  At the Cornerstone Presbyterian Church ( lower level fellowship hall)  5637 Bush River Road (near Saluda Shoals Park). 
Last meeting was Tuesday January 31, 2017 at 7 PM - 8:30 PM. At the Cornerstone Presbyterian Church ( lower level room B28) on Old Bush River Road (near Saluda Shoals Park).  Agenda annual Meeting and reports.  

Met our new Lexington County Resident Deputy, Kevin Steele

Exciting news from Jay Soles with Carolina Wildlife Center

Message from Fire Marshal Brian Haley Irmo Fire District

Discussion on pros and cons of accepting adds on our website, vacant homes after flood,increasing membership,maintenance of landscaping at entrances,ordinances to maintain the physical attractiveness of Coldstream, and various websites other than our own website  

If you have not paid Dues for 2017 they are now due!!  Yearly dues are $30.00 

The Nursery bridge is now the only bridge over Rauls Creek to get to Bush River Road.  The Goldstone bridge has been closed do to poor footings.  It is open to walking and bicycles.

Members see minutes on minutes page

Appearance District  legislation which has passed and now in force.   It will  to keep our neighborhood looking good. 

Letter to both homeowners and tenants

Please fill out the Membership form and include it with your check.  Be sure to include your email address as this will be the easiest way to communicate information.  It will also help us keep our costs down. 

County Engineer

Lexington County Public Works

440 Ball Park Rd.

Lexington, SC 29073


ot a Member yet?  Just fill out membership form and send in with Check for $30.00 for the year.

Contact your neighbors and let them know.   If they don't have email print them off a form to join. 


                                                 Coldstream HOA

                                                 P.O. Box 2615

                                                  Irmo, SC  29063

New bridge 

Previous meeting speakers were

Norm Nicholson was our Crime Watch speaker.

Please plan to attend the  next meeting and help us make a difference in our neighborhood.

Note to Cold Stream Home Owners members who have joined the HOA, we have added some recent crime activity information the HOA members section.  For all neighborhood residents, see the letter in the Crime Watch section regarding some important holidays safety tips..  

Lexington County Sheriff's Dept.

Irmo Resident Deputy

Voice Mail: 785-0882

For all the latest information on Dogs and Cats check out and click on animal of the week Animal Services.  Also click on the to get information Zoning and development